A Christmastime Blast From Waaaaaay Back In The Past

An airband competition from my high school back in 1986, in which roughly half the school is up there lip-syncing to “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” If you’re wondering which one I am, look for the kid air-drumming. That’s me!

13 Comments on “A Christmastime Blast From Waaaaaay Back In The Past”

  1. The school had roughly 60 kids per class, so, yeah. This kids in the video were actually members of the class of ’87, so much of the class is in fact up there on stage.

  2. johannawritest – a writer. Well hope to be one! Feel free to contact me about anything, even if it's life in general! Beginner to blogging, beginner to writing. Basically I'm a little behind.

    hahahah fun!

  3. That was really nice, nice drumming there John and the kid near you doing the Bruce Springsteen cosplay, his costume design was brilliant!

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