My Wife is an Angel

I mean, obviously.

(In case you’re wondering, this is part of her costume for the Longest Night Masque next month, which, incidentally, you can totally attend if you like.)

24 Comments on “My Wife is an Angel”

  1. Bob Dye:

    I mean, I don’t let her do anything, she’s her own person, but also, I’ll be home when she’s at that particular event. It’s her thing and I’m glad she enjoys it. Also, you know, there’s that whole trust thing.

    (I do get what you were trying to say, of course, and I appreciate the sentiment behind it.)

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  3. While that linked “Masque” website is a very elegant and artsy website, it sure doesn’t accomplish the basic function of explaining exactly what the event it is. A play? A concert? A party? One of those Society for Creative Anachronism dress-up frolics? Or a similar D&D-themed or comicon-style cosplay? I guess if you have to ask, it isn’t for you.

  4. @Pianoman: I was thinking the same thing. I went to the site, but I couldn’t quite figure the event out. If I lived closer I’d want to go just out of curiosity.

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