Have Yourself a Smudgy Little Christmas

He’s reaching out to you in the spirit of Christmastime cheer!

And also for that food you’re eating. Yeah, he’ll take some of that. Isn’t Christmas really about giving? No? Humph. Well, then, expect a special gift under the Christmas tree, if you know what I mean. He’ll make it himself!

11 Comments on “Have Yourself a Smudgy Little Christmas”

  1. I’m eating stuffed grape leaves. Does Smudge really want stuffed grape leaves? He probably only thinks he does. Hi Smudgy, Merry Christmas!

  2. I get plenty of that type of present left for me under the tree in my front yard, when the neighbor walks his little four-footed vermin through my lawn. ‘Spirit of giving’ all right…it’s the thought[lessness] that counts…ho ho ho!

  3. I know what you mean there. Step lightly under your tree.
    Merry Christmas John, Krissy, and Athena! And all the assembled cats. (I assume they assemble, like the Avengers) Thanks for helping your fans keep sane for another year. It’s been fun.

  4. There must be something about cars that are named Smudge or a variant thereof that causes them to be walking Hoovers.

    Our cat Smudgely has eaten and enjoyed cherries, apples, raw cabbage, raw eggplant, potato peels, Brussels sprouts, raw green beans, bread, pies, and cookies since he joined our family a year ago. He took it to a new level this week, though, by climbing into the kitchen cabinet last night (we forgot to tie the doors shut before going to bed) and eating two home-made rum-soaked fruitcake muffins that friends gave us as a holiday treat. Amazingly enough, he was none the worse for the experience this morning, and Hoovered up his breakfast with gusto and enthusiasm.

    So be sure to keep non-feline-safe edibles securely locked away, even if Master Smudge ASSURES you that they are perfectly suitable for his delectation. Or you, too, could wind up at the emergency vet clinic with a cat suffering the aftereffects of “Dietary Indiscretions,” as I have with Smudgely on more than one occasion.

    Merry Christmas to Smudge, Zeus, Sugar and Spice, to their human staff, and to all who stop by Whatever. And thanks.

  5. Jan, he’s only about 10 pounds. If we were to let him eat as much as he wants, he’d be the size and shape of a basketball and would weigh about 30 pounds. When I’m dishing out cat food at the counter, he’ll jump up on the counter three or four times to try to steal a bite, and when that doesn’t work (because I keep a spray bottle of water at hand), he’ll leap from the trashcan to my shoulders to try a flank attack.

    The little maniac is currently chasing his brother up, through and over the Christmas tree, both of them batting the (shatterproof) ornaments across the room. If I didn’t have the tree bolted to a piece of plywood that is in turn bungee-corded to a solid oak table, it would be on the floor multiple times each day.

    Ay, cats.

  6. I saw a cartoon where a cat was munching on a Christmas tree to the tune of ‘O Tannenbaum’, with predictable results. We’ve given up a tree, at least until we are officially catless.

  7. Rice pudding on its way Smudge! And please note that you are getting it, despite the begging of both dogs, because I don’t like the look in your eyes … not messsing with that look, oh no.

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