New Books and ARCs, 12/21/18

Just in time for your Solstice celebrations and/or last minute shopping, a nice stack of new books and ARCs for your wintertime consideration. See anything here you’d love to have under the tree? The comments are the place to note them!

16 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 12/21/18”

  1. A new Daniel Suarez book is always a cause for happiness! He’s one of the best writing today.

  2. I thought the fifth one down was called “Putin’s Wake” for a moment. Time to lay off the news…

  3. “The Smoke” looks very interesting. And “the Space Pioneers “ looks like something everyone should have in their library.

  4. Sorry, ‘Ruin’s Wake’ sounds like a Harlequin Romance. ‘Delta-V’ sounds like it might actually have some science in it.

  5. Excited about DELTA-V by Daniel Suarez. His KILL DECISION would have made excellent reading trapped at Gatwick.

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