My daughter is officially no longer a teenager. Which, wow, as the kids say, that’s a mood.

Please enjoy your Athenamas in a manner pleasing to you.

22 thoughts on “20

  1. Joyous Athemamas to all Scalzis! (Including the 4-legged family members.). And may your entire holiday season be bright and beautiful.

  2. Just did that with my son a few months ago, they grow up so fast! Happy B-Day! Hope y’all have a wonderful holiday and a great new year!

  3. Happy Athenamas! Exciting milestone! The Scalzi twins of CT are already 31! It goes by so quickly! You are a wonderful photographer.. and your subjects are beautiful! Cheers to you all!!

  4. Happy Athenamas! In November of 2016, my youngest left her teenage years behind a couple of weeks after my oldest granddaughter officially entered them. It’s a different period of life. Cheers to all!

  5. Happy birthday, Ms. Scalzi! I wish you a year filled with great happiness, boundless health, and tremendous success in all you turn your hand to.

  6. That’s what happens when you feed and water them… Mine just turned 27…

    May the cities in your wake
    burn like candles on your cake!

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