Out Until January 2, 2019

Smudge has the right idea. I’m talking the next few days off and probably won’t be back until January 2, 2019. That’s next year! Just in case you didn’t know.

I hope you enjoy these next few days of seasonal downtime and that your new year is bright and full of hope. See you on the other side.

17 Comments on “Out Until January 2, 2019”

  1. Funny thing – I’m off work until January 2 also. Enjoy your long weekend – I hope it is restful, fun and restorative!

  2. i was one of those who hoped you would take a break…but remember 4 or 6 days off ( who’s counting right? )
    can get you in trouble…so, since yer Scalzi and I am not, if you start to get in serious trouble ( grins ) just stop the time off vacation and get back to work…haha….H N Y

  3. Please to enjoy your time off. Cat, I can count all your fangs — and see what you had for lunch!

  4. I’m with Smudge – he has the right idea. I think I’ll put his plan into action on New Years Day.
    Happy New Years to everyone here! Please let it be better than 2018, at least stock market wise. I wish I could sue Trump for the losses in Oct-Dec.

  5. Happy New Year!

    John, I just looked at your picture of Smudge hanging on the window screen. That is the single largest lawn I have ever seen. I can’t help wondering – how long does it take to mow it? (Asking here because I don’t do Twitter.)