In Which the Fundamental Nature of Smudge is Very Precisely Communicated in a Single Picture

Yup, this pretty much covers it, I’d say.

Also, hello and welcome to 2019! How was your new year?

18 Comments on “In Which the Fundamental Nature of Smudge is Very Precisely Communicated in a Single Picture”

  1. Yes. This picture confirms it. Smudge is no mere “cat”. He is a Higher Being, temporarily taking cat form, to accomplish Many Important Things in this spacetime. YOU are the lucky human family chosen to assist on his mission! Congratulations!

    We were blessed with pretty nasty weather on New Year’s Eve, which meant that the local tradition of Celebrating With Things That Go BANG! was subdued. And that was a great relief.

  2. We went to the Rose Parade for the first time, and it was a blast. Thanks for asking!

    I ended 2018 by finally reading “Head On.” In the afterword, you noted you finished writing it at the end of 2017, and expressed doubt that 2018 would be much better than 2017. I can’t say you were wrong, but I’m optimistic for 2019 — especially with two more Scalzi books to anticipate!

  3. Ho ho. Camera-loving cat, hyooman cat furniture, and Smudge’s next meal all in one shot.

  4. Ok, that’s why you needed a fourth cat. The other three weren’t making nearly enough trouble.

  5. 2019 is good so far as a result of being given Implied Spaces by Walter Jon Williams. Williams is a wizard with words. Implied Spaces follows Aristide, a swordmaster with the wizard-like power of making his enemies disappear. Does he kill them or send them somewhere odd? I can’t tell you because I don’t know yet!

  6. Hello and welcome indeed! Us? Great homemade breakfast, lazing around, played our acoustic guitars, new songs tried, fire in the fireplace all morning/day/night. Had nowhere to go. Movie at night cuddled up in a warm blanket. In short, marvelous.

  7. As I have observed here before, that fundamental nature (which I recognize oh, so well) is the very quintessence of any feline named Smudge or a variant thereof.

    Our New Year was peaceful and calm, thanks for asking. The weather here on Monday was absolutely foul, so we stayed indoors, read, ate, chatted, and chased Smudgely off the table and the counters and the refrigerator and the stove and the range hood and the bookcase and the Christmas tree and the top of the mirror on my dresser and the microwave oven. And off my shoulders, where he leapt while I was dishing out cat food.

  8. Cute kitty. And likes to get in the middle of whatever the Humans are doing, as does our cat.

    Is Smudge a polydactyl cat?

  9. So far, so good.
    But if you meant the celebration to welcome the New Year, we slept through that. I used to be awake at midnight when I worked the nightshift, but I truly prefer being retired than greeting the New Year.