New Books and ARCs, 1/11/19

Hey, it’s 2019, and this is our very first stack of new books and ARCs for the year! See anything here that you would like to inaugurate your 2019 reading list with? Tell us all in the comments.

That’s Entertainment

So I put on one of those YouTube “videos for cats” — usually videos of birds and small mammals scampering about — to see if the cats would, in fact, be intrigued by them. The answer, for Zeus at least, is yes. I eventually had to turn it off because he was trying to figure out whether he could leap up on the shelf to go after the monster-sized critters, and I figured that would not end well, either for the cat or for the electronics.

But it’s good to know that in fact one may amuse one’s cats in this fashion. This may come in handy over the weekend, as apparently we have a large winter storm coming, with up to six inches of snow. As for me, I’ll probably read a book.