New Books and ARCs, 1/11/19

Hey, it’s 2019, and this is our very first stack of new books and ARCs for the year! See anything here that you would like to inaugurate your 2019 reading list with? Tell us all in the comments.

21 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 1/11/19”

  1. Heard good things about the Marlon James book, so looking forward to reading that one!

  2. I’ve been looking forward to Bryan Camp’s Gather the Fortunes! Loved The City of Lost Fortunes so much.

    A Cathedral of Myth and Bone is a lovely title and oh, so intriguing. I’ll have to check that one out, too.

  3. I have pre-ordered the James Fell book. James reminds me a lot of you, actually–smart, funny, and liberal (all good things, IMO)–though he does seem to use a lot more expletives.

  4. Got to read The Holy Shit Moment just because.

    And someone wrote a biography of my life … Then Everything Went Wrong. Must read.

    A Cathedral of Myth and Bone sounds interesting.

  5. I also preordered James Fell’s book. Dude is smart as a whip and makes me laugh on the regular, so I couldn’t not get it.

  6. You totally need to up your Photoshop game and create one of these pix for April 1 with ARCs of Doors of Stone, Winds of Winter, Last Dangerous Visions, Thorn of Emberlain…

  7. Katherine Arden “The Winter of the Witch”. The first two were lovely, looking forward to the conclusion.

  8. Benford’s book “Re-write” is making a re-peat appearance in “New Books and ARCs.” (the first time was on 8/31/18)

  9. I’m really looking forward to The Winter of the Witch. And I think Black Leopard, Red Wolf will be hugely popular.

  10. A new Benford! I’ll definitely be picking that one up. I really enjoyed The Berlin Project — liked it much more than his older stuff, actually.

  11. I looked up ‘Rewrite’ and realized I missed Benford’s ‘Timescape’, which it is a sequel to. So now I’m looking for two books. Fiendishly well played…

    (Aside, any fans here of ‘Time Travelers Never Die’?)

  12. Hi Dana,

    Yes I just read “Time Travelers Never Die” a few months ago, and I liked it enough that I’ve made a mental note to read more of the author’s books in hopes that he wrote more of that quality. Fortunately my library has an additional four or five of his novels in Kindle e-format. I thought “Time Travelers Never Die” was a fun adventure story with a neat plot based on one way the time paradox might play out. And I generally like the time-travel genre anyway.

    I also read “Timescape”…and commented on it the first time that “Rewrite” made its appearance here in “New Books and ARCs.”

  13. Excellent image. I think it’s the first time I could read all the titles in the stack. Now that probably has as much to do with my 62 years as it does with your photographic skills. Cheers.

  14. How come commenters can get by with saying “Holy Shit” on a WordPress page? One BB I post on just switched to WordPress, and there is a whole list of naughty words that will cause a post or reply to not show up. I had an entry with the word “sexual” which refused to appear until I entered some spaces–se x u al. Why doesn’t that happen here?