The Cat Catches On Quick

“What? You want me to pose for a photo? Well, I suppose I could –”

” — wait, what?”

“Oh, I get it. Smudgeception. Very cute, human.”

15 Comments on “The Cat Catches On Quick”

  1. Or cat wasn’t this fast in the uptake when for the first time confronted with a mirror. First hissing at the mirror, then sniffing, then looking behind it, followed by utter ignoring.

  2. Has their fur changed color over time? Red/brown patches grown in? Or am I seeing the same cat under two different lighting conditions?

  3. “Department of Redundancy Department, Smudge speaking. How may I assist you? This is Smudge speaking.”

  4. Such an odd place to lie. I suppose he needs you to be constantly aware of him. Or it’s warm.

  5. That annoyed look on Smudge’s face as he realizes he’s the butt of a human joke is priceless.

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