The Cat Catches On Quick

“What? You want me to pose for a photo? Well, I suppose I could –”

” — wait, what?”

“Oh, I get it. Smudgeception. Very cute, human.”

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  1. Peri Llwyn Nog – インターネットの世界を革命する力が探してる野狐です!!! (^_−)−☆ Offline I may not actually be a fox, but I’ve been told I can play a dragon on tv if I adjust the mics right.
    Peri Llwyn Nog

    Adding this to infinite recursion tropes page in 5… 4.. *connection reset by cat*

  2. Shaharee – As an urban nomad, cryptomathecian and writer I like to mix up adventure, literature, science and history. I live somewhere between Europe, Central America, and Asia as a digital nomad.

    Or cat wasn’t this fast in the uptake when for the first time confronted with a mirror. First hissing at the mirror, then sniffing, then looking behind it, followed by utter ignoring.

  3. Has their fur changed color over time? Red/brown patches grown in? Or am I seeing the same cat under two different lighting conditions?

  4. Davida Chazan – Jerusalem, Israel – I have been writing on-line content (reviews and articles of all kinds) since about 1998. Since 2013, I've been specializing in writing book reviews. Aside from my blog, I write reviews for Book Browse, Curious Book Fans, and have a blog on the Times of Israel on-line newspaper. If you have a book you want me to read and review, please send me a brief summary (including genre and age group of the target audience) and if I'm interested, I can accept ARCs in all formats including PDF, ePUB and mobi.
    Davida Chazan

    Cats… bah humbug! Post about chocolate next time!

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