I’m Not Saying Sugar Is Judging You, But

Sugar, being judgy.

In fact, she is totally judging you. She is in reality the most judgmental of all our cats, the cat voted Mostly Likely Not to Be Angry, Just Disappointed (although in fact she’s got a temper, so don’t cross her).

Busy Monday around here. How was yours?

21 Comments on “I’m Not Saying Sugar Is Judging You, But”

  1. Nice picture. I’m afraid if I were to place myself at Sugar level to take a similar shot I’m going to require some help getting up. Me and the floor don’t get along very well these past couple of years.

  2. She is indeed a Feline of Great Judginess. Which, if it isn’t an official title, ought to be.

    My Monday was fairly productive, thanks for asking. Nothing earth-shattering, but then considering that I work for a governmental entity (not the feds, a different entity), you really wouldn’t want the earth to shatter as a result of my work. I hope your busy Monday was likewise productive, or at least not frustrating.

  3. She takes her responsibilities as Cat extremely seriously, and expects you to take your responsibilities as Cat Staff and Recipient of Feline Wisdom, Guidance, and Supervision with equal seriousness.

    There is no “try”, here, John.

  4. Last night I finally installed the kitchen sink I bought over 2 weeks ago. Tonight are freelance edits and an attempt to trim my hair and beard, but I’ve been trying to do that since Christmas. So kinda busy.

  5. She’s right, obviously, and I’m mortified. I will try and do better, in my inept human way.

  6. Hello Sweet Sugar!

    Mimi & Zorro are fine and send their regards.

    I was dragging this morning, but got to visit with my brother from Indiana this afternoon (Columbus – between Indianapolis & Louisville) before he left for the airport. Now I’m off to make Momma’s dinner and continue prepping taxes.

    Hope tomorrow is much more satisfactory on your end, dear. Have a lovely evening.

  7. My day has been okay. Started out a bit rocky. I just began edits on my next book and aside from constantly battling the fears that I am just not a good writer or am somehow a horrible person I had a lot of self-doubt that was exacerbated by a friend questioning whether my level of interest in Nikola Tesla was a good thing. Some people like sports teams. I like Tesla. I am trying to push past that and continue work on my book (which features a Tesla subplot heavily.) I need to get the edits done as soon as possible but will be spacing things out.

    Sorry to ramble, I think I just needed to vent about it again somewhere random. Feel free to delete this comment if you’d like.

    By the way, I just finished reading Head-on. You did a great job. Reading that you had a hard time writing it but that you persisted has sort of helped me get the ball rolling on editing my book today. I’m gonna get this done. I have to. I can do it.

    Thank you for writing such interesting books!

  8. I’ve been sick (nasty cold). I slept most of the day now I’m debating whether I should go to work.

  9. adorable cats you have scalzi…you lucky guy….my Monday…is routine…retired…normal, that is normal for a former ufo researcher in the USA .

  10. Sadly, I think I’m coming down with a cold, so it’s time to start popping zinc tablets.

  11. Join the club, Ruth. I’ve also been sleeping my way through a cold. The cats appreciate the warm furniture! I’m at the stage where I feel ok, until I try to do something.

  12. She is SO PRETTY. She may be judgy, but I really want to cuddle her, even if she gives me a Look and walks away with tail held high.

  13. My Monday was full of worry, and anxiety. But it was also full of laughter and teaching others something new. No disrespect to Sugar is intended, as she appears to be quite skilled at judging, but I have been judging myself so harshly lately that I don’t think her judgement is going to hurt me that much.

  14. She is judging you alright, but mainly in terms of the usual cat parameters, like range to target.

    Cats are funny that way.

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