My “Storming the ConFusion” Schedule

I’m going to be at the ConFusion science fiction convention this weekend, and if you’re going to be there (or are considering going, and you should!), here is what I’ll be doing and when:

Friday 9pm (Michigan Ballroom): Dance Party. That’s right, I’ll be DJing on Friday with danceable tunes across several decades to get everyone’s feet moving. Get in there and dance!

Saturday Noon (Ontario): Writers Talk About Anything But Writing. “Our panelists answer your burning questions on anything–except writing. Ask about cooking, motorcycle repair, science, the meaning of life, color theory, their favorite and least favorite airports–anything but writing! (accuracy of answers is not guaranteed).” This will be with me, Mark Oshiro and Delilah Dawson. Guaranteed fun.

Saturday 3pm (Dearborn): Reading. I’ll be reading new stuff that literally no one has heard before, plus some other bits, and then (time willing) opening up for a Q&A.

Saturday 4pm (Erie): Autograph Session. I and other writers will be signing our work.

There you have it.

5 Comments on “My “Storming the ConFusion” Schedule”

  1. I saw those room names and seriously thought, “Is this a Chicago convention I just don’t know?”

  2. Having attended a reading/Q&A/autograph session when Mr. Scalzi was in Salt Lake City last fall, I think this will be a great convention, and I am slightly jealous of those who are going.

  3. Writerly friends of mine are headed your way from Ottawa. I hope you get to cross paths. They’re cool. You’re cool. Also, I want that 3 degrees from Kevin Bacon (ahem, John Scalzi) thing going. Have a great convention!

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