“A Model Dog”: A New Short Story, From Me, Over at The Verge

Hey, there! Would you like a short story from me to help you get through your Monday? Of course you would. So here it is: “A Model Dog,” which I wrote for The Verge as part of its “Better Worlds” series of optimistic science fiction. In it, two engineers at a very large tech company are tasked with building a robot dog. Why? And for what purpose? That’s in the story, of course. It’s a short piece (under three thousand words), and I think it’s pretty fun. There’s even an animated version, adapted from the story. It’s pretty cute too.

When you’re done reading/viewing the story, there’s also an interview with me on the site, talking about pets and tech and privacy and other such things. I may make mention of Smudge, who I know is a favorite around here. Check that out, too.

Not an entirely bad way to start the week, I’d say.

My Contribution to the Pile of Lunar Eclipse Photos From Last Night

Lunar eclipse, 1/20/19

This one taken around 11:45pm with my Nikon, and for which I did no prep; this is basically me taking a couple dozen shots freehand and picking the least blurry one. This is the one that turned out the best. It’s not too bad, all things considered. And of course it was beautiful in the sky.

It was in fact a just about perfect night for a lunar eclipse: cold as hell and no wind, so the atmosphere was not jumping all around the place, and cloudless so there was no chance the eclipse would be obscured. Athena and I watched it outside for a few minutes and then went back into the house before frostbite set in. It was worth it.

Did you see the eclipse where you were?