View From a Hotel Window, 1/24/19: Chicago

Mmmmm… snowy parking lot. 

I’m in Chicago for personal reasons (no public appearances, sorry), and then I’ll be off the Los Angeles for meetings (also no public events). My life is interesting.

This is it for updating here today, but if you need more of me, I and Leigh Alexander did an AMA over at Reddit earlier today (I literally got off the plan, opened up my laptop, and did it at an O’Hare gate) where we talk about science fiction, writing, and other stuff. I may have hinted at interesting stuff there I’m not supposed to tell people about yet. Just saying.

8 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 1/24/19: Chicago”

  1. Moved to Denver five years ago and do not miss the frigid Illinois winters, but we did get a five hour blizzard this morning. It was cute.

  2. I know where you are from the mural, and I hope you get to walk around even a bit. That’s a tremendous location for street art. I walked it in slightly nicer weather. Bundle up!

  3. Other than connecting flights, I’ve only been to Chicago once. My wife and I stayed overnight while driving across the country. We had a crappy hotel but there was a good restaurant down the road where they served us enough food to stuff Da Bears offensive line. It all came included with our reasonably priced entrees. This tiny young maybe Polish woman just kept bringing food out, it was insane. Also very tasty. One of my minor regrets is not being able to eat the pie she tried to force on us at the end of the meal. It looked good.

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