New Books and ARCs, 2/1/19

Whoa, February already. And to start the month off, please enjoy this very fine stack of new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. What here is ringing your bell? Tell everyone in the comments.

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  1. I feel so expertly trolled by the switch between the dot over the i in “English” and the apostrophe in “Dreyer’s.” It’s like someone went into a lab and came out with something perfectly designed to drive an editor up the wall, which is of course the point. Respect.

  2. I’m bibliophile myself, yet I haven’t read any of these books yet. Since I love classics I will go with the nine cloud dream; and the suspicious minds looks interesting

  3. The Wendig looks good — I think it’s the final Miriam Black book. I might still have one to read before that. (and Dreyer would be fun I bet)

  4. Off topic, but [everything past this point deleted because it’s off topic. Remember that if you feel the to preface something “Off topic, but” then you probably shouldn’t post it – JS]

  5. Empire of Grass!!!! I still haven’t read The Witchwood Crown (it’s on my shelf) but I like Tad Williams’ work enough that I’m ridiculously excited for this one.

  6. Hope Griffin Diaz – North Carolina – So, to borrow from a popular shirt, I love Jesus but I cuss a little. Well, a lot. In fact, I just don't believe Jesus really gives a shit about the word 🤬 I am married to the love of my life, Louie (aka Luis) and have an adult child, Christy. Reading transports me to places that are inaccessible to me right now. Whether those places address in space or in areas I'm unable to travel, I am grateful for books and authors who keep my mind occupied. I fancy myself an amateur gardener, I am owned by a large black purr machine maine coon cat named Samwise aka #SamSam and a Border Collie/Australian Cattle dog mix named Daisy. I knit. I craft. I sew. These are at my leisure and are hobbies. I don't take commissions nor do I do alterations. I'm an aspiring human being. I battle several mental illnesses including depression, major panic disorder, agoraphobia, germaphobia, claustrophobia, and some other assorted illnesses. I also have fibromyalgia and have had numerous traumatic brain injuries (into the double digits now). I am not able to drive at night.

    It’s almost easier to say what I don’t want to read.

    Dreyer’s English – sounds divine!
    Vultures – autobiography?
    Stranger Things (Because I’m hoping it’s a hook up between Nancy’s mom and Billy. But that’s probably going to …. enough! I’ll stop with S3 theories.)
    Same Same A Novel – almost like it was translated wrong or something
    Sisters of Fire
    Oh, and because I just want to see how someone else defines it, The Art of Madness.

  7. If Hexed by Kevin Hearne is the one I’m thinking of, already read it, and the others in the Iron Druid series. Good reads there

  8. Hexed is book 2 of the Iron Druid series, but this one appears to be a Subterranean Press edition.

  9. You got a copy of Dreyer’s English! Lucky duck!

  10. I, too, am curious about the Broken Angels copy. Is that a re-release? Or a new story that just happens to share a title with the Altered Carbon trilogy?

  11. It has always troubled me that, while the physically handicapped are ubiquitous in our world, they rarely appear in works of fantasy. Consequently, I made Triad’s protagonist a paraplegic telekinetic. Although it is the concluding volume of an epic fantasy quartet—none of the usual wizards and elvenkind, focusing instead on paranormalcy—it can be read as a standalone.

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