A Ring Around the Moon, 2/13/19

It was big and bright and I had Krissy come out and look at it, and then I tried to take a photo of it with my Nikon, and you can barely see it in this exposure:

I also took a photo of it with my Google Pixel with Night Sight on:

Now, I should note that if I put my Nikon on a tripod and took a longer exposure, the ring would be much clearer, and I might do that a little later. But for now, Google Pixel to the rescue.


11 Comments on “A Ring Around the Moon, 2/13/19”

  1. That is a wonderful picture! I’m surrounded by light pollution so I never get to see these things in real life, so thank you.

  2. oh I see some stars out there…so the wonder is how can you see stars if there is a haze in the sky but no…
    no haze if you have stars in a photo so I will ponder this for you…the nasa group paid Frisch (sp?) and some other space scientists since 1998 to see if the sol system is entering or has entered into interstellar cloud mass which has been measured at 4 light years in size…the idea is nasa wants the scientists to quietly try to see if the solar system changes seen in planets…check google….is due to high energy particles in the interstellar clouds (2 of them ) interacting with the sun….the sun glow is brighter now…harder to look at…even if it is reflecting off something on the ground…I am 66 . when I was young 12 yrs old I was able to look at a steady yellow deep yellow sun…steadily….done by me once or twice only ( because adults told me to never do that)…that sun now is a brighter white…the 1998 interaction of the solar system with the IC….is looked at in a video by nemesis maturity on youtube titled….something is affecting the entire solar system…you may have seen some of the result of the high energy particles from the I C interacting with the moon…good work if that is the case…no nasa has no idea what can occur on earth from the interaction of the sol system and planets with the IC…the interstellar clouds… we will all find out…my estimate is the IC interacts with the solar system til at least year.., 2024 .

  3. Did you use a tripod or anything for the Pixel shot? Either way, it’s incredibly encouraging – I’ve been itching for a chance to try a Night Sight exposure with mine. (And echoing Andrew – wow on Orion. Forever my favorite sky being.)

  4. Thank you, I did enjoy looking at that, after shoveling the icy muck out of the end of my driveway, that the street plows throw up. What’s with all the … above? Should I be suspecting censorship? or vague thoughts streaming alongside each other? Or should I just look up what my fellow aged person is talking about? Maybe the latter. Let us know what the ring presaged.

  5. Swell photos, night sky work is especially hard to pull off.

    Thanks for the beauty, again, and again!!!

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