Love Death & Robots Trailer

Why would I bring this trailer to your attention? Oh, no reason. No reason at all. Still, you might want to block out some time on March 15 to see the series. Just because.

(Note: the above trailer is very noisy and probably NSFW.)

14 Comments on “Love Death & Robots Trailer”

  1. Warning to those sensitive to flashing lights – this trailer gave me a headache.
    That said, I look forward to seeing the episodes.

  2. The Blue Screen of Death in the break in the trailer… I’m not saying our host wrote it, but I’m saying it reads like whoever wrote it spent some time with The Complete Works of John Scalzi, particularly some of his latest novels and short stories.

  3. Let’s see, what am I usually doing on the Ides of March … oh, yeah, I’m being goddamn ware of it, is what I’m doing. But I’ll check out the show.

  4. @Lynne Everett True Netflix Originals are available worldwide. (Availability in some countries may sometimes be delayed so they can complete subtitles or dubbing in the local language.) Netflix “originals” that are actually co-productions with channels from other countries are usually available everywhere but the country of origin – the channel that made the show keeps the rights there. So the odds are excellent that you will be able to watch in Australia, probably the day after it’s available in the US. (Day after because of the time zone difference.)

  5. Wow, that took me back to 90s nightclubs. And consequently I now feel old and in need of nap.

    Looks really fun! Looking forward to trying to figure out which one’s your’s.

  6. Articles are referring to stories about, amongst other things, “sentient dairy.” Congratulations

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