Portrait of Athena, February 2019

She came home for the weekend so I was able to grab a few photos of her. This one turned out pretty well.

Still writing that thing, so back to it.

14 Comments on “Portrait of Athena, February 2019”

  1. We were on the Pantheon on Saturday, two weeks ago, with my daughter’s school class. We did miss Athena’s awesome statue by a couple of thousand years, though. 😀
    I’m sure the statue would have done her justice!
    Cheers from Greece.

  2. pjcamp:

    It’s actually the “moderate” B&W glamor filter in the Exposure X4 program. The intent was to give it a 40s movie studio headshot feel.

  3. A lovely photo of a remarkably beautiful young woman. You, sir, are fortunate. But I think you know that already.

    Best of luck with that project, hope it goes smoothly and that you are happy with the outcome.

  4. 40s Hollywood headshot it is, and what a knockout! Could easily have played opposite a Sam Spade type as The Doll With the Brains. Nice shot, well manipulated.

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