Smudge Protests Being Woken Up

As he should. Whoever woke you up was a real jerk, Smudge!

Don’t worry, he went right back to sleep. As cats do.

7 Comments on “Smudge Protests Being Woken Up”

  1. Reminds me of an old Jay Leno joke. There was a small Earthquake in the area and Jay mentioned that it really upset his cat. That cat was seriously unnerved by the Earthquake. It only slept 23 hours that day. Ba-dum-tsss!

  2. This cat and his expressions. I can’t even. From the moment he first appeared on the interwebz his Strong Personality has been quite evident. The markings on his face don’t hurt either.
    You are really good at capturing him in candid moments. From trying to do this with our dog when he’s being particularly cute I know how deceptively difficult this is.

  3. a couple of years ago I woke up one of my brother’s cats by scratching her behind her ears. In about 3 seconds she went from asleep to very irritated meow to purring because scratching behind the ears is good!

  4. This seems like the post to put this comment. Hope it isn’t too far off topic. One of your banner pictures is of Smudge in a laundry basket and when I see it I hear Right Said Fred’s I’m too Sexy.

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