New Books and ARCS, 3/1/19

Hey! It’s March! And to start off this month, here’s a super-sized stack of new books and ARCs to peruse. As always, if there’s something here you’re interested in, tell us about it in the comments. And welcome to the third month!

28 Comments on “New Books and ARCS, 3/1/19”

  1. Is Larry Niven still alive? (spoiler alert – wikipedia says yes) And still working?

  2. If it’s a typical Man- Kzin collection, it likely has nothing new by Niven in it. However you can’t buy it according to the Baen website as it’s no longer available for purchase. Huh?

  3. Protect the Prince

    Definitely NOT Copperhead. Still upset over my encounter with one last year. Don’t need a book to remind me.

  4. Reminds me I haven’t seen anything new by Larry Niven since Jerry Pournelle died — might have missed something though

  5. Wow, Man Kzin wars is up to #15? I was a huge Niven fanboi in the 80s, but never got the appeal of this series.

    Oh well, evidently enough folks like it that it’s still a thing, and I’m not such an asshole I want to stop things I don’t like.

  6. read the grey bastards about a year ago. Never took a shine to orcs so was surprised to find it to be pretty good. worth looking at.

  7. Gray Bastards: an exceptionally good time for fans of grimdark fantasy. The orcs are the protagonists in a world that has little love for them. Good stuff.

  8. That new Jim Ottaviani/Leland Myrick graphic novel biography of Hawking caught my eye. I enjoyed his previous one about Feynman and his 3-in-1 about Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Biruté Galdikas.

  9. Miles, that Man-Kzin collection has absolutely nothing by Niven in it. Indeed I don’t recognise most of the authors save one as being any that’s worked in this series before.

  10. The Bayern Agenda. Dan Moren’s first book was *really* good; I’ve been looking forward to this one since I finished it.

  11. Back when I was a software developer full time I followed Jerry’s columns pretty regularly, both for the IT related material and for the SciFi related material. He was a real curmudgeon, as was Niven. But good writers, for all the curmudgeon. I miss Jerry, also too, even though he was a stone conservative loon.

  12. The Skinner was my first Neal Asher book. The spine looks like its the edition I picked up from a British bookseller some years ago, but there isn’t really enough of the cover art to be sure.

  13. @Cat Eldridge The Baen books site lists the E-ARC and released books separately. The book was published on Feb. 5th so on that date the E-ARC became unavailable. For some reason when I looked for it on the website, the E-ARC pops up first.

    I see a Karen Lord book; I’ve heard good things about her writing, but haven’t gotten around to reading any of her work yet.

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