View From a Hotel Balcony, 3/4/19: New York City

My hotel put me on the top floor, and my room has a balcony. The view is pretty nice.

I’m in town for the Audie Awards, for which Head On is nominated in the science fiction category. We’ll see how it does. But no matter what, I get this view, which I can be happy with.

13 Comments on “View From a Hotel Balcony, 3/4/19: New York City”

  1. Since you have a balcony, can you take a picture for us pointing straight down? Those sort of views in NYC can be equally stunning! Thanks for letting us all live vicariously.

  2. Wow! Also- a really nice day! I hope you have a great time at the awards tonight.

  3. Pogonip, it wasn’t. Despite predictions, we only had a few inches of the white stuff overnight and most of it has melted, thank goodness.

  4. I am so proud of you kiddo.

    I am a bit envious you get to see the world.
    Enjoy your life.

    The more that you enjoy and appreciate the faster it flys.
    7ndecades and three on the 9th

    Believe me it flys to fast.

    Your simply amazing. I had to buy the consuming fire twice. I lost the first copy during THE consuming camp fire.
    Love and respect

  5. But, but, they promised us a view of the parking lot.

    Oh, and second the wish for a view straight down, ’cause if I tried that for myself I’d lose either my glasses or the tablet-with-the-camera.

  6. One of your Twitter pictures looks like Zuul is about to make an entrance, with the stormy sky. You didn’t see Ecto-1 racing through the streets below you, did you?

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