Smudge Blesses the Travel Shirts

“Oh, you’re going away? Here, let me make sure you have enough cat hair for the duration.” Such a giving kitten, Smudge is.

In other news, I’m off for another JoCo Cruise, so don’t expect to see too much here in the next week or so, since I don’t anticipate having a whole lot of Internet connectivity, and even less interest in knowing what’s going on in the outside world. Don’t worry about the cats, we have a full-time house sitter, who understands their primary role is to let cats in and out of the house.

If I don’t post again for a while, please enjoy your week (and change). I’ll be back soon enough with tales of the Caribbean, I’m sure.

19 Comments on “Smudge Blesses the Travel Shirts”

  1. “Of course I’m blessing the shirts! Who knows what perils you may face out there – krakens, Twilight fans, deadites! We have to keep you *safe, monkey!”

  2. Be safe and have a wonderful, relaxing, restorative vacation! (And thank you, Master Smudge, for sending your person off on vacation with appropriately blessed garments – surely that will keep him safe so he will return and give you fishes.)

  3. Enjoy your trip! Snuggle the kitties before you go and have a wonderful, relaxing holiday from the world. We look forward to your stories when you’re back!

  4. I have that exact same pineapple shirt! I bought it from a Kohl’s by the side of a highway in rural Pennsylvania to wear to a wedding the next day. Delighted that we have similar taste in formal wear.

  5. Sigh… SOME day we’ll make it on a JoCo cruise – for now we are hampered by the kids’ school vacation schedules. Have a wonderful trip!! (also, those shirts are excellent choices for cruisewear…)

  6. @Colonel Snuggledorf: And the Cat said, “Lo, for I shall bless these shirts, that they may be a Sign to all who observe them, and He-of-the-opposable-thumbs shall surely return safely with many new fishes for me.”

  7. cupertino jay – Decades retired internet mouse potato; unrepentant Cal-Berkeley golden bears sports fan; best times were (notice Past tense) backpacking thousands of miles a little bit at a time in John Muir's high holy california Range of Light. Reading waay too much science fiction starting back in the swingin' 50s. ^ JossWhedon /NathanFillion /NeilPatrickHarris /FeliciaDay's 42min instant classic "Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog" (2008)
    cupertino jay

    > primary role is to let cats in and out of the house. <
    umm, hope y'all don't have coyotes thereabouts. waay too many lurck, most places, even in town. task house-sitters to guard duty outdoors? # just say'n
    siggy: "don't worry, captain hammer will save us"

  8. My cat Murphy usually likes to pre-bless the inside of the suitcase before the clothing goes in. Different strokes, I guess.

  9. My lady had a fridge magnet that said said that no outfit was complete without a few cat hairs.

    Wear them with pride. Those that are in the know are your friends. The rest are strangers with friendly smiles.

  10. My Lady had s fridge magnet that said that no outfit was complete without a few cat hairs.

    Wear them with pride. Those that understand are your friends, the rest…meh

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