View From a Cruise Balcony, Oosterdam, 3/9/19

Bye! See you all in a week!

14 Comments on “View From a Cruise Balcony, Oosterdam, 3/9/19”

  1. I’ve sailed on the oosterdam twice once to Alaska and Ashley and I went down to Mexico in it two.
    She is a beautiful ship I especially liked the eagles nest.
    I am Not old enough for Holland America yet their still a bit sedate for me.

  2. We sailed on the Oosterdam to Western Caribbean in December. Wonderful ship. The performances and drinks in the BB King lounge were awesome.

  3. Try to avoid the smelly and toxic fumes on the deck area rear of the smoke stacks. And hopefully any food infected with salmonella or Legionnaire’s disease. Otherwise enjoy!

  4. Disclaimer: this comment is completely negative and shouldn’t be made, but I couldn’t help myself. I just couldn’t. I don’t know why; it’s like a compulsion.

    Disclaimer II: this comment is about your last post, the one about your travel shirts. I would’ve commented there, but the comments there are already closed.

    Disclaimer III: I won’t be surprised if you delete this comment, edit it, or disemvowel it. In fact, I would nod approvingly if you did so.

    Okay. So disclaimers aside. I hate your travel shirts. Oh my God, I hate your travel shirts. They are so tacky. What are you thinking? Are you getting these shirts on purpose? Dear Lord in Heaven, they are just terrible. I mean, it’s like you took a poll of the worst taste possible and then for some reason decided to buy in bulk.

    Wow. I feel way better now that I let that out.

    Sorry. I know my comment here is rude, unnecessary, and unhelpful. Please mallet it accordingly.

    Also, have a great time on your cruise. Sounds like an amazing and fun time.

  5. Something odd about those lifeboats.

  6. And you left po’ po’ Smudge at home?! You fiend! How is he supposed to see the world if you keep leaving him behind?! =D

  7. Comfy looking life boats! Hope you don’t get to try them out. Did you smuggle Smudge on board? Would you want to smuggle Smudge on board?

  8. And here I was thinking Oosterdam was the harbor town, and I see now that it’s the ship. A cruise ship with a BB King lounge sounds up out alley, tho!

  9. Have fun–you’ve earned it! Now I’m thinking about how much I miss the ocean. It’s been ages. Perhaps you’ll chance to see jumping dolphins alongside the vessel? That’s always exciting.

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