Love, Death and Robots Now Streaming on Netflix

I’m still off on a cruise (which has been going swimmingly, thank you very much), but I would be remiss if I didn’t make you aware that Love, Death and Robots, David Fincher and Tim Miller’s brand-spanking-new animated series, is now up on Netflix for your streaming pleasure — and also, if you watch the segments “Three Robots,” “When the Yogurt Took Over,” and “Alternate Histories,” you may notice my name in the credits. Why? Because they’re based on short stories I’ve written, that’s why. I’m deeply pleased about this.

I’ll talk more about the segments and how I got involved with the series probably on Monday, when I’m back on land and caught up on everything, so for now let me just say I hope you enjoy Love, Death and Robots in a general sense and my segments in particular. Also, a reminder that the series as a whole is TV-MA (equivalent to a hard R for you film buffs), so you may want to wait until you are not at work to watch it (for my bits, “Yogurt” and “Robots” are PG-13ish, and “Alternate Histories” is a solid R). Hey! Animation for grown ups! Who knew it was a thing.

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  1. Also, as an FYI, I’m not hugely likely to be participating in the comment thread here for the next couple of days, other than moderating (as I am still on a cruise which barely has Internet). Hold all significant questions until I write up a follow-up, please.

  2. I’m going to have to assume that “swimmingly” was meant as a joke. Otherwise…that’s usually a bad sign on a cruise; just ask the Titanic passengers!

  3. Among your various shipboard activities I hope you found a way to enjoy Pi day yesterday. Was a little disappointed we didn’t see some documentation.

  4. Just watched the first two episodes and I’m all in on the series. Three Robots is well done.

  5. Swim backward fast enough in the ship’s pool and you could be going nowhere!
    But seriously, congratulations on your stories’ dramatization.

  6. I loved the oosterdam. Went to Alaska and Mexican Rivera. Especially liked the big wooden elephant and the model of the css alabama.
    Alaska cruise had Catholic priest father light in the loafers. He was soooo seasick
    He was as green as his vestments thought for sure he was gonna puke in the chalice
    Dosen’t take much to amuse a sailor…
    Enjoy I love cruising you come by it natural.

  7. Last night DH told me he’d just watched an amazing set of shorts on Netflix and proceeded to tell me about three robots which he loved. I had been planning to mention this to him, but apparently Netflix found him first!

  8. I loved watching all these stories in animated form. They were a lot of fun. That first one was especially good, along with the one about the Nine Tailed Fox.