The JoCo Cruise Concerts: The Photos

Aimee Mann, singing.

Over the last week I was on the JoCo Cruise, and once again I took pictures of some of the concerts that happened on the boat. If you were also on the JoCo Cruise and want to relive the experience, or weren’t but just would like to see some pictures of the concerts, there are two albums to peruse:

Here’s the link to the photo album of the opening concert, and here’s the link to the photo album for the closing concert.

And for those of you who don’t want to bother, here’s a few other photos from those sets.

(The photo above is of Aimee Mann, by the way.)

Jonathan Coulton, whose cruise it is.

John Flansburgh and Robin Goldwasser.

Jim Boggia.

Paul Sabourin plays a mean melodica.

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