Just to Be Clear: The Entire Site is Not Passworded

It was just the previous post. I put up some pictures that were meant to be seen only by a particular group of friends, and gave them a password to see them, that’s all. Also, the pictures were nothing salacious, just pictures. In any event you can access the rest of the site just fine. I note this due to some concerned emails and tweets.

11 Comments on “Just to Be Clear: The Entire Site is Not Passworded”

  1. And here I was thinking you were starting some puzzle quest.
    Nope a lot more mundane, you were just using part of the server you pay for to show your friends the pictures you took of them on their secret quest. ;)

  2. So this is not an ARG, and I will get in trouble for trying to bypass the password protection. Good to know.

  3. Thanks for the clarification. Your original post didn’t make that quite clear.

  4. So relieved! Per Stantonio12’s comment, I’m glad to know it’s not that I’m just not smart enough to figure out John Scalzi’s sly and snarky mind game…

  5. Protected: Passworded Comment, 2019-03-18:
    This comment is password-protected. To view it, please enter your password below:

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