View From a Hotel Window, 3/19/19: New York City

It’s a very New York view, I have to say.

Also, yes, I was just here. Surprise! I’m back again. And the reason I’m back is that tonight I’m talking with V.E. Schwab about the re-release of her first novel, The Near Witch. I read it on the plane. It’s darn good. We’ll be at the Union Square Barnes & Noble at 7pm. Come on down!

12 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 3/19/19: New York City”

  1. You’re not wrong when you talked about that view, I only saw the picture and I knew it was New York and I’m an Englishman! New York does have a very recognisable rooftop view doesn’t it? Any other cities in the US like that?

  2. I expected to see Daredevil bounding across the rooftops, or maybe Spiderman.

  3. I’ve only read four of her books, but from that small sample size, everything V.E. Schwab writes is a good read.

  4. Not the best view in Gotham for sure. I imagine the view from the front is a whole lot better. And @rochrist, the leaning thing is just a little distortion (I know there’s a better word but I can’t come up with it at the moment) from the camera lens. The closest building to the right looks most off kilter but compare its lines to the tall, blue building in the background – which looks perfectly plumb – and you’ll see they line up perfectly. Perspective. Now were it San Fransisco… Have fun, Scalzi and be careful with those sea legs!

  5. I also love those water tanks on the NYC skyline. Fun facts–the tank itself only holds maybe enough water for a few hours worth of usage for its building. Electronic pumps continually bring water back up from the ground/basement level to keep the tank full, but in the event of a power outage, super storm, or short apocalypse, that pump isn’t gonna work, so the building will basically run out of water once the tank is emptied. So if you’re in a building in NYC that loses power and you think the outage will last a while, fill up a bunch of containers with water, or else you’ll be lugging up jugs and buckets of water once the tank goes dry until the power comes back.

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