I’m Posting Very Late, So Please Enjoy This Obscure 80s Tune

“Belly of the Whale” by Burning Sensations. It’s a very 80s video.

11 Comments on “I’m Posting Very Late, So Please Enjoy This Obscure 80s Tune”

  1. OMFG Now this is what Iget from not being able to sleep… Will I ever be able to forget this? Please Mr Scalzi, promise never to do anything like this again.

  2. I am not sure how I missed that one the first time around back in the 1980s, but I am kind of glad that I did.

  3. What vocabulary quiz did you take that you thought was “snordifluous”? I want to try it.

  4. These guys were actually a really good live band…saw them a bunch of times back in their day in L.A. clubs. Tim McGovern (guitar/vocal) came from an early incarnation of The Motels. Michael Temple was a killer percussionist. One reason they were fun live is you never knew what kind of strange objects he would bring to a gig to bang on.

  5. I do remember the song, and started hearing a fragment when I saw it linked here. A little bit of the video feels vaguely familiar.

  6. I remember the video from MTV. I think it was in heavy rotation for about a week. Definitely not played much on SiriusXM’s First Wave, though.

  7. Just serves as a reminder that what 80s music other people think is obscure, I think everyone knows. That means what I think is obscure, virtually no one has heard of.

  8. I only know them from the Repo Man soundtrack. Never knew they did anything else.

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