New Books and ARCs, 3/22/19, With Extra Added Cat

Spice just hopped up while I was taking pictures of the stack and I figured, hey, books and cats, two things Whatever readers love a whole lot, why not get a picture of both? And here we are.

Do you see a title (or two, or more) in the stack that intrigues you? Let us know what it is in the comments.

I’m out for the weekend, so see you all on Monday!

23 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 3/22/19, With Extra Added Cat”

  1. Ooh – ARC of Linda Nagata’s next book. Her near-future military stuff recently has been great, but I’m very very happy to see her get back to the Nanotech Succession setting.

  2. Well, I won’t have it to read this weekend but I just went to my library Web site and put a hold on “The Grand Dark”.

  3. I’d like to try and read a cat, but I fear the plot will be too confusing…that, and claws.

  4. “Monkey! What’s the big idea showing *my books to other primates on the interwubz?! I didn’t authorize this!”

  5. Sarah Beth Durst’s The Deepest Blue! And that looks like a very nice Subterranean Press edition of China Mieville’s The Scar. Their editions are a delight to own and read.

    Very nice cat, too. I hope when Naomi Kritzer’s Catfishing on Catnet novel comes out, a cat picture will accompany it here.

  6. Love that plywood and 2”x4” table. I have one just like it but my wife makes me leave it in the garage so I use it as a workbench instead of a place to play Jenga with enormous stacks of books.

  7. Very pretty kitty. Lotsa books
    The library burned down up here so it might be awhile til
    I can check anything out.

  8. I came in to say something vaguely sensible, but then David Barr’s video completely distracted me and I’m all *blink blink* right now from that 21st-century update to the “Badger Badger” concept.

    Oh, but anyway—! Cover designers have had to adapt to the notion that covers now are often seen in thumbnail form online, so need to be functional at that size. I wonder if the influence of Whatever on the SFF genre will affect how spines are designed…

  9. I always wonder why a lot of your ARCs seem to be reissues. I doubt you’ve never read The Scar, and I doubt your opinion of it will change based on a new edition. Do the publishers actually expect feedback?

  10. In the case of “The Scar,” it’s a signed limited edition, which means that it’s mostly aimed at a collector’s market. Also, I don’t really review books here; that’s not why publishers send me things. They send me things basically because these posts are very cheap promotion for them.

  11. If you have no immediate plans for The Deepest Blue, I would be happy to read it. Just finished The Queen of Sorrow, and am anxious to see how Island Nation manages in a world where Nature spirits want to kill everyone…

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