Smudge Welcomes You to the Weekend

“You enjoy the nice weather, okay?”

Hope your weekend is a good one, folks.

12 Comments on “Smudge Welcomes You to the Weekend”

  1. Good For Smudge!

    We had that ever popular Swiss Colony Weather today – “Winter Mix”. It had gotten into the upper Forties the last couple days and I dared hope Spring was finally here – but NOOOO! It rained, it snowed, it may have even sleeted a bit….

  2. I am mildly, but pleasantly, surprised you haven’t commented on politics for some time. I’m curious, why have avoided politics lately?

    Smudge is a handsome cat.

  3. I’m still in in-hospital as I’ve been since the 12th of last month recovering from surgery and the staphylococcus bone infection that required that emergency surgery so I’ve not seen any weather. I miss my two cats which are being looked after by a friend who says they take turns staring at him as if to say that ‘ You’re not Cat!’

  4. Did you interrupt his bird watching or is he asking you why you haven’t gotten him birds to look at and hunt?

  5. My goodness, but you’ve got a lot of green in your lawn! Ours is still mostly brown and crunchy, though I spied some green shoots struggling through this afternoon. Hoping the weather stays dry long enough tomorrow to rake up some of the winter detritus so that maybe we’ll have some green in our yard as well.

    You have a wonderful weekend also, Master Smudge, and be good to your human even if he frustrates you by not providing a constant supply of treats and playtime. He’s probably trainable with enough patience and kindness, so just keep at it and eventually he’ll figure out what he’s supposed to do.

  6. We thought we had spring here. The Weather Channel PROMISED us no freezing weather in the two-week forecast, and certainly no snow. Then we had snow throughout our hour drive home yesterday. Some of the snow is still on the ground. This is patently unfair and if cats are in charge of the Universe, they should fix it.

    That’s a good looking cat, despite his selfishness about sharing his fine weather control with me. Oh, wait, I think we’ve established that Smudge can’t always make fine weather outside his own doors. Well where’s the senior cat? It must be THEIR fault.

  7. SMC:

    I comment on politics all the time. It’s mostly on Twitter these days. I don’t comment at length here lately because there’s only so many variations of “Trump’s an incompetent, grifting bigot,” I can go through before it starts being repetitive.

  8. Reassuring to know you run out of words for Trump. I start to describe him, or what he’s just done……
    And there’s nothing but a chasm.

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