The Springing of Spring, 2019

It’s a nice spring day here at the Scalzi Compound. I even went for a walk.

How is it where you are?

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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It’s a beautiful spring day here, but this being Colorado, winter is coming. Tomorrow. Sometime in the afternoon. And then spring will be back on Friday. Go figure.

In Oklahoma, next door to me, there is an incredibly beautiful deep azalea pink crabapple tree in full bloom. It smells delicate and sweet on a north breeze. And the dogwoods are just starting to flower. Pink or white.

My pansies are going strong in my backyard.

But we are unseasonably warm… a high of 90 today which is just weird and wrong and six weeks to early. A dark cloud on the otherwise lovely horizon of spring.

I hear tell that Tornado Alley is actually moving east. Weird and something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Happy walkies.

Beautiful here today in SoCal. Took an alternate route home that led me past miles of orange groves, with trees in full bloom, and it smelled amazing. 10/10 would do again.

In the 80s here in Austin, hummingbirds battling over the feeders, and my bonfire peach trees are covered in tiny fuzzy peaches to be. Roses are all about to bloom and the bluebonnets are still in full color on all the roadsides.

We had a couple of rainy days with some nice storms, here in Barcelona. At last it looks like spring is here! Winter has been awful ’cause, for the last four or five years in a row, it hasn’t looked like winter: it was so light and warm (warmest since there are temperature records) that it was an almost-spring. I don’t need to remind you all why this is a Very Bad Sign…
But yeah, rain! Give me rain and storm! And give me back my winter, please!

Sunshine and showers hear in SW Scotland, where the merry sound of birdsong is interrupted only by the pneumatic drills of a telecoms provider digging up a road which was regrade less than a month ago(!!!) to put in a trench for new cables. The regrading was done, of course, because the joins from all the old trenches had started to disintegrate after all the rain and frost. I don’t know why they didn’t do it when they had the surface up for the regrading. Sorry that turned into a rant there, anyway; sunshine and showers and birdsong when the birds are given the chance.

There’s a winter storm of biblical proportions thundering across the plains toward Minnesota like the giant Fist Of Zeus, or the totality of all the stuff all the cats in the world have pushed off tables since, let’s say, 1956. (Damn, that’s good writing.)

Beautiful day: clear skies, relatively low temperatures. Langley Air Force Base’s F-22 Raptors and F-35 Lightnings were playing in the sky, barrel-rolling, twisting to and fro, drowning out the artillery practice from Fort Eustis. Pistils and stamens were indulging in discreet (though sneezy) sex. Ain’t nature grand!

Clear blue skies here in Greenville,SC. Low in the 80’s with a delicate coat of yellow – green pollen EVERYWHERE. The azaleas off our deck are starting to flower and the 14th fairway of Holly Trees CC is greening up nicely.

Cocktails on the deck at 5:30. Salad and a Carolina shrimp boil at 6:00, then off to see a play entitled “Leaving Iowa” – all proceeds from the evening going to the Ronald McDonald House.

Two seats at the table still available.

John, a while back you mentioned a friend, Brian (?) Woo (?) who was running for office somewhere. What happened? Who won? (I hope it was your friend.)

I live about 75 miles north of you so about the same. Supposed to get some rain Friday, but I hope it stays away until Saturday afternoon. I get my camper out of winter storage Saturday morning. During the summer I keep it on a concrete pad in the back yard which can turn into a squishy mess after a good rain, making it hard to park it on the pad. Last 2 years it (and my Tacoma pick up) got stuck in the mud for about 4 – 5 days.

Not that anyone here is PC, a polar chauvinist, but I can’t help but notice everybody here is from north of the equator. Where it’s spring.

Meanwhile, in Central Alberta, it is usually above freezing at night, but not every night, not yet.

Denver CO: Yesterday 82 degrees with spring flowers (daffodils, crocus, early tulips, forsythia, etc.) in bloom everywhere; today 22 (windchill 11) with Winter Storm Wesley dropping about 5 inches of snow so far.

Trees blooming like crazy, no spring bulbs yet. Probably another week.

Those of you in the blizzard zone, I hope your power stays on and your furnace keeps furnace-ing!

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