Sunset, 4/16/19

Enjoy it because it’s the last one I’ll probably post for a bit — I’m traveling for a couple of weeks to places where buildings get in the way of sunsets. But this is a pretty one at least. It should hold you.

3 Comments on “Sunset, 4/16/19”

  1. A good one indeed. There are those days that seem like an apology for previous nasty weather.

  2. Dear Mr. Scalzi,
    I just discovered you in the Cupertino Library in California. I’ve read Head On, Redshirts, The Last Colony, and The Human Division. Right now I’m on The End of All Things (love how Rafe Daquin turns the tables on his captors. He could have his own book to himself.) I thank you and your publisher for having books in the library. I don’t know how that works for your bottom line. Should I feel guilty about checking them out instead of buying them? I don’t (feel guilty) but I think about it. I’m so impressed with your writing. Your prose is nearly transparent and this allows your characters jump off the page. I’ve been an ER nurse for 22 years and your dry sense of humor warms the cockles of my heart. I’ve written a bunch of articles for nursing magazines and have about 20k words of a crime novel banged out (the hero is an ER nurse.) You inspire me and I thank you for that. Also, your website is great. I wish you much success and more importantly, happiness, as you have given me.
    Best regards,