Hello From Budapest

Having a great time, wish you were here (this particular here is the Parliament of Hungary, which is very ornate).

Tonight is for packing and tomorrow is for traveling, and I’ll have a fuller update of my adventures once I’m home. The short version is that our trip to London and Budapest was everything we wanted it to be, and really could not have gone better.

That’s it, see you again once we’re back to Ohio.

19 Comments on “Hello From Budapest”

  1. That’s a nicely composed picture of an interesting subject. I know very little about Budapest beyond it being two cities that merged. I second Redhead’s request that you post more pictures of this trip.

  2. Would have sworn that the picture was of your hotel room, so SHOCKED to find it was a public space in Parliament… who knew they even had a Parliament in Hungary!?!?

    We visited Tuscany and searched hard for bad wine. There was none to be found, nor bad food either. Maybe they ship the bad wine away?


  3. I hope you got a chance to try the cuisine. The most memorable soup I ever tasted, was a chilled, cream and cherry soup I had in Magyar, Hungary. I also learned to like aubergines there. Very tasty grub there.

  4. It would a much easier trip if you didn’t have to jump through so many airline hoops to get there. I recently went there for a four hour meeting. It took thirty seven hours for the 11.5 hour flight time.

    Coming back took 54 hours because it happened to be the day that the Boeing 737 Maxes were grounded. A direct flight would make it worth going back to experience that charming place. Maybe stay long enough to explore the caves on the Pest side of the river.

  5. One of my favorite cities in the world. Hope you had a chance to see more than a couple things. There’s a lot going on there.

  6. @johntshea, the dinosaurs are living there. Unfortunately they even create laws there. Fortunately we did not meet them.

  7. You can tell this is an old building. It wasn’t built with the over-riding requirement for having car parks.

  8. I always get the impression the Hungarians saw the Palace of Westminster and said, “You call that gothic? We’ll show you gothic…”

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