New Books and ARCs, 5/1/19

First of May, First of May, outdoor reading starts today! Anything in this stack you would take with you for a little outside book enjoyment? Share in the comments, please!

21 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 5/1/19”

  1. Sad that _You Must Not Miss The Things She’s Seen_ is two separate books.

    Going for the Rucker, though.

  2. I’m intrigued enough by the concept of Ghost Ants and Termite Gods to look the books up, so I guess those titles have done their job.

  3. The Seanan McGuire book is definitely on my list, once I heard someone describe it as “Escape to Witch Mountain” for grown-ups.
    The only other book I’m waiting for in May (not in your picture) is the 4th Vinyl Detective novel by Andrew Cartmel.
    I’ve gotten behind in my new reading because I’ve been re-reading old favorites, but those two will be bumped to the front of the list once they’re released.

  4. Have to agree with slhope. Ghost ants and termite gods have me intrigued. Can you imagine the size of the earth when you’re the size of an ant? So much to explore.
    I have no idea about the other books, so will have to do some research. Seanan McGuire, you say?

  5. The Rucker and the Pinsker. I’ve enjoyed Pinsker’s shorter works and I’d like to see how she does with something longer. And Rudy Rucker – when he’s on he’s delightfully weird, although when he’s not it just gets confusing. I’m always willing to give his books a shot.

  6. I have already ordered Middlegame, but I am fascinated by the title enough to at least read the first chapter of termite gods.

  7. Like everyone else, I like everything by Seanan McGuire. My neighbor, whom I admire and respect, loves Rudy Rucker, so I’ll give that a swing. Some of his stuff is fun, and some is meh, why waste eye movement on it. I’m not fond of Ants or Termites in real life, so will have to take a sample before sending any money — it would have to swallow me up instantly… Pinsker looks interesting, but not released until next September?

    I am now a 99% e-reader, no more hoarding blocks of wood pulp for me.

  8. “The Things She’s Seen” piqued my interest because of the writer’s unusual name. Yes, I’m shallow. Bite me.

    Other than that, the McGuire and the Rucker pinged my radar with reservations. The title of the McGuire made me wonder if this is the middle book of a series. And the Rucker title made me think of an old Ray Bradbury story with a somewhat similar name.

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