Happy Birthday(ish), Smudge

We’re pretty sure that when Smudge scampered his way into the Scalzi household last year, he was around eight weeks old. Which means that he was very likely born today a year ago, give or take a few days on other side. That’s close enough when it comes to cats, so I’m just going to go ahead and say May 4th is officially Smudge’s birthday, that he is now a whole year old, and thus has graduated from being a kitten into being a cat.

Therefore: Happy birthday, Smudge. You’re a pain in the ass, and also adorable, and we’re happy that when I tried to get someone from the Internet to claim you, on the basis we already had three cats and didn’t need any more, the whole Internet rose up and said, “nah, bro, that’s your cat now.” Here’s to many more years of your adorable pain-in-the-ass-ness.

25 Comments on “Happy Birthday(ish), Smudge”

  1. Happy birthday, Smudge! From the servant/staff of another Smudge, who is also an adorable pain in the ass. Congratulations on your sagacity in choosing human staff that can appropriately adore you, and may you brighten their lives for many years to come!

  2. Ah, of course! Smudge is the Star Wars cat, and through his own dogged (catted?) determination and innate cuteness when all else had abandoned him, landed in the Scalzi compound.

    Using the force of his personality and the ninja techniques picked up from the renowned Sugar and Spice, he is on schedule to save the galaxy this year.

    I sense the coming of a box office smash and multiple story contracts. May the 4th be ever in your favor…or something like that.
    (Exit, stage right, chuckling.)

  3. Happy birthday Smudge, hope you have a purr-fact day. 😺

  4. Damn you t9, that was meant to say purr-fect day, oh well!

  5. Happy Birthday Smudge. You’re in good company because it was my Mother’s birthday yesterday though she is a tad older than you. Hope you have a great day and hope that your humans give you some catnip to celebrate.

  6. Happy birthday, Smudge!

    … though, going off his posted adventures over the past nearly-a-year, I think he’s going to stay a kitten in personality for at _least_ 5 more years.

  7. Has that cat learned to swim yet?  I’m sure he’d be a natural at the smudgen-crawl.

  8. Happy birthday, Smudge. The rescue where I volunteer always gives each kitty a “best guess” birthday if we don’t know the exact day. It gives the kitty two holidays to celebrate: their birthday, when they entered their world, and their Gotcha Day, when they joined their fur-ever family. (Jphn – Don’t forget to celebrate his Gotcha Day in about 8 weeks.)

  9. Is he still a scamperbeast or has he settled into adult cat sleep-eat-barf on rug-sleep-wake up briefly-poop right after litter is changed-sleep-eat-sleep?

  10. Happy birthday Smudge! May you continue to be an Agent of Chaos for years to come!

  11. He reminds of one of our cats. That one has earned the name Scruluce(pronounced Screw Loose). He too is a pain, obviously.

    So, Happy Birthday Smudge, May the 4th be with you.

  12. Hey! May 4th is also my dog Bella’s birthday!

    And as my son is almost the same age as Athena…

    Are you life-stalking me?


  13. Happy birthday, Smudge!

    I don’t know my girl’s actual birthdate but the estimated birth date on her shelter paperwork was March of 2014 so I immediately decided we share a birthday. It’s not like she cares. Cats!

  14. Smudge is so lucky — he shares a birthday with my dog Jake (though Jake is four years older…).

    Happy birthday Smudge (and no, you can’t lick Jake’s birthday bone — he’s buried it too deeply)

  15. Happy Birthday! Rather nicely, the header for this post for me was one of Smudge’s kitten pics, so I could compare and contrast :) . How is he getting on with the other cats now?

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