Nerds! On a Boat!

In the New York Times today, a story by reporter John Schwartz about the JoCo Cruise, which is the “nerd cruise” I and roughly two thousand other people go on every year, hosted by musician Jonathan Coulton. It does a pretty good job of figuring out what’s pretty great about the cruise, namely, its ability to turn “oh, shit” moments — like the They Might Be Giants concert slot at a land-based concert being rained out by a sudden downpour — into something magical and even more memorable. You don’t get that on just any cruise. Check it out.

5 Comments on “Nerds! On a Boat!”

  1. More than a pretty good job. Now I have something I can point my friends & family to in order to explain our love of the JoCo cruise. (In addition to showing them hundreds of photos & babbling at them, I mean…)

  2. Our vacations recently have dwindled, but this sounds like something worth saving up for.

  3. Just curious, John, how many e-mails did you get today pointing to the NYT article? (I sent one, figure at least 99 others ;-) )

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