Daily Archives: May 9, 2019

My Birthday Challenge: Donate to Wipe Out Medical Debt, Get a Brand New Story

(tl;dr — Donate to RIP Medical Debt, which forgives medical debt, then come here and tell me in the comments how much you donated. If the amount donated reaches $5k, I write brand new short story.) RIP Medical Debt is a non-profit organization that buys up the medical debt of people who can ill afford […]

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The Big Idea: Wendy Nikel

If you’re a time traveler, keeping the time stream clear of possible contradictions is not your only problem. Author Wendy Nikel knows another one, and it’s at the heart of The Cassandra Complex. WENDY NIKEL: In my previous Big Idea entry, I talked about The Grandmother Paradox and how the title of that second book […]

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