Daily Archives: May 21, 2019

I Had an Overnight Flight and Then Slept Until 1pm and My Brain is Mush, So Here’s Smudge, Posing Dramatically

I figure that will hold you until my brain comes back. Also: What a great weekend at the Nebula conference, and not just because one of my best friends won the Nebula Award for Novel. It was good enough that I don’t actually mind my brain is mush today.

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The Big Idea: Maurice Broaddus

Honestly, Maurice Broaddus had me as a reader of The Usual Suspects when he described it as “Encyclopedia Brown meets The Wire,” but as this Big Idea shows, there’s so much more going on here. MAURICE BROADDUS: The Usual Suspects is a bit of a departure for me. It’s a middle school detective novel (think […]

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