The View From Harris Creek

Here’s a view I’m not sure I’ve shared with you before: a picture of Harris Creek, which more or less parallels the street I live on, from the bridge that goes over it. I took the picture as I was taking a walk yesterday (I pulled a leg muscle last week, so I’ve been walking outside at a moderate pace rather than running, until it gets better). Late May is a verdant time here in rural Ohio. Also there are fish and turtles and crawdads down there in the creek. It was a nice walk.

How’s your weekend?

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  1. We have a marmot in our backyard, helping take care of the weeds. Good work, marmot!

  2. You see more when you’re walking instead of running through life. With running you can cover more miles, but when you’re walking those miles, the health effect is the same but the satisfaction bigger.

  3. Those Nebula Awards…sounds like a certain author might have been dancing up a storm? :) Spending the long weekend at Lake Tahoe in a little cabin with my wonderful Person. Had buffalo steak for dinner. Just came back a from a glorious morning hike in the forest, surrounded by falling snow and the amazing silence only a walk in snow-covered conifers can create. And the lake…wow, it’s pretty wonderful, too.

  4. Weekend’s good so far. Friday I rode The W&OD out to Purcellville and back. 55 miles. Today was 35 to Leesburg and back. All the streams are high, but not flooding. Saw several turtles of different sorts on and near the trail, lots of bunnies, a couple snakes, and a deer.

  5. Spending the weekend working at the hospital. Saved a life yesterday by questioning a report from a CT scan I helped with. Got a “good catch” from the radiologist. And then tomorrow is trying to catch up with yard work.

  6. I hope Harris Creek and Robin Baker are both well. I’ve been re-reading “Android’s Dream”. For the fifth or sixth time.

  7. Working full tilt to meet another deadline. Nice weather, so that helps.
    What doesn’t help: today is election day over here in Belgium, and the results are not so nice…
    The extreme right is winning in our part of the country, the traditional parties are losing heavily. Very disturbing. I fear the next five years will be ‘interesting’, as the Chinese proverb says.

  8. Eating sour grapes. Literally. Some people taste fruit before they buy — our grocery store actually encourages that in moderation — but I don’t. And now I’m eating the fruit of my choice.

  9. It’s my 38th birthday and I’ve decided to be ahead of the curve and get depressed about the way my life has gone now instead of at 40! Average weekend with some nice sunny weather, otherwise.

  10. That poor creek looks kind of muddy and swollen. Hopefully it won’t swell much more.

    Took a fly rod and some things I tied up pit to the local river and tossed things around. It amazes me that I can use a piece of craft foam, baby blanket chenille, and shiny thread, put a hook in the middle of it and get strikes on almost every cast.

    Gotta keep doing it, the rainy season will ruin it and it is just around the corner here.

  11. Pretty little creek. We have a little creek by the house, ephemeral which means it runs when the weather is wet. Down the hill there’s a more year ’round creek. Occasional Great Blue Heron, Wood Duck, tiny shiners mostly. Frogs and terrapins. We have quite a few woods frogs.

    Sorry about your sore leg! I’ve been there, I don’t run any more unless I need to dodge a car.

    ETA: Neighbor is going to have local old-tyme musicians over this evening, so we’ll be going over there. There’s a musical pickin’ contest in town this afternoon, we used to go to that annual party, but it’s really hot out, and I can tolerate that heat less and less. So some of those guys come out here where it’s a lot cooler.

    Happy holiday weekend everyone.

  12. That’s a nifty little crick you’ve got there. Did Athena used to wade in it and catch bugs and polliwogs when she was a youngster? That’s what we did in the crick near the house where I grew up, at least.

    My weekend is just fine, thanks for asking; peaceful, quiet, got the lawn mowed and the garden in, now enjoying cool breezes with the low drone of the neighbor’s mower in the background – in short, a perfectly lovely late spring weekend. Tomorrow looks to be rainy, which will hopefully provide the impetus for me to get a bit of much-needed housecleaning done, too.

    Hope your pulled muscle recovers quickly, and thanks for temporarily slowing down a bit to allow it to do so. Have a good weekend.

  13. Hope your leg is doing better.

    I got called in for overtime yesterday, six hours standing on a cement-slab floor left me with stiff legs and sore feet despite the arch supports in my work shoes. But I’m off until Tuesday morning, so I should be fine by then.

    Nearby rivers are above flood stage. It doesn’t sound quite as bad as the March flooding, but everyone around here is keeping an eye on them. We _finally_ got some of the roads reopened that were washed out in March, we don’t need them washed out again.

  14. My weekend was enlivened by the still legal bloodsport known as the Single Transferrable Vote. Feel free to watch the endgame, it’s still going on:
    At least the Shinners lost badly and divorce liberalisation passed 5:1…

  15. Nice picture.

    But on a tangent, I saw the bear with the headphones image on top of the page and it’s making my mind argue with itself in circles. Sure, it’s cute, but the bear isn’t hearing anything because his ears are on top of its head and not where the earphones are.

    I’m not kidding. My head is having this argument over and over.

    “But it’s CUUUUUTE”

    “Yes, but he isn’t listening to the music”

    “But it’s a stuffed bear”

    “But that’s not the point, you’re already suspending disbelief so you have to accept the illogical premise. Therefore the bear is using the headphones wrong.”

    “Yes, but do they make headphones for bears?”


    I’m not kidding.

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