Smudge the Ninja Claims Another Victim

It was brutal. Brutal.

(Actually Smudge and Roxy, the shih-tzu in question here, are very good friends. But brutal interspecies carnage sounds so much more interesting than “and then they booped noses.”)

Hope your Memorial Day is going well.

18 Comments on “Smudge the Ninja Claims Another Victim”

  1. Photographic evidence that cats are indeed exempt from gravity!
    I proclaim this as Scalzi Cat Pic of the year thus far.

  2. Turn the pic 90 degrees and you’ll see Smudge is actually, literally on the level. Everything else is tilted by a temporary local spacetime discontinuity.

  3. This is such a great cat photo… descending from the sky onto the unsuspecting pupper below. Cat’s having a great time, puppy not so much!

    Liked the Spidercat thang, also, too. Doing what Spidercat does…

  4. I love everything about that photo. The only tiny drawback is that it is oriented portrait, not landscape, so it is unlikely to be added to the banner rotation at the top of the screen on Whatever.

    Although you could rotate it 90 degrees and use it as a banner. Just sayin’.

  5. LOVE this! Don’t post it on Twit bcz it’s full of viral-ism. Great catch!

  6. Looks like Smudge is going beefy, like our outside cat Little Brother (not so little any more; we don’t feed him extra, but he is mos’ definitely the largest of our cats. He must be hitting up neighbors.)

  7. Diving out of the sun is a classic air combat maneuver. Smudge is clearly a master tactician.

  8. How does Smudge balance like that on the car without falling off? You sure he’s not part-gecko?

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