Agent to the Stars, Fuzzy Nation and The Android’s Dream: Now Out in Trade Paperback

Today’s the first time I’ve ever had three books out on the same day: Tor is re-releasing my stand-alone novels Agent to the Stars, Fuzzy Nation and The Android’s Dream in spiffy new trade paperback editions. These new editions come with spiffy new covers, which all share type treatment with Redshirts, my other stand-alone novel in Trade Paperback dress. There’s something to be said for consistency. And I like the new cover treatments, too, so there’s that.

These books are available in most bookstores, both in the real world (if they don’t have it in stock, you can special order) and online. If you’ve never picked up any of these books, now is a very fine time to do so.

Also, if you’re in the Denver area, I’ll be signing these and any other books you like at the Denver Pop Culture Con, Friday through Sunday. Come on down and see me! My panel and signing schedule is here. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you all about that again in a couple of days.

10 Comments on “Agent to the Stars, Fuzzy Nation and The Android’s Dream: Now Out in Trade Paperback”

  1. Android’s Dream was my gateway drug to the Scalziverse. Friend loaned me a copy. I may need to get my own copy. Though I have yet to read Agent to the Stars…

  2. Any plans for ever doing a sequel to Android’s Dream? I’d love to re-visit that world.

  3. Love to get an Androids Dream signed- but I’m i Canada :(, Its my hubby’s favorite stand alone book of yours, I’m partial to fuzzy nation as a stand alone, But our daughters name is Zoe-do Im partial to the Old Mans War series there may be some influence from one of your other books for that name, I’d love to get that one signed too for her. I keep an eye on subterranean press :)

  4. I much preferred the ‘Miami Vice’ color scheme of earlier editions of “Agent To The Stars”. (This one looks too sci-fy-ee.)

    Which is such an enjoyable, loose-limbed romp. So fun!

  5. I have all three as audiobooks, read superbly by Wil Wheaton. I must say, I love listening to him read your books. While Dispatcher was awesome, I sure hope that Wil will read many more books of yours.
    Still, I recently moved into a house and thus have more meters of shelf space… and my birthday is coming up. I’ll add these to my wishlist.

  6. I think it’s neat how this cover to the trade android’s dream highlights a different aspect of the book than the previous trade cover that I own did. The light blue one I think highllights the absurd almost British humor (Tom Holt, Douglas Adams, etc.) whereas this one, while still having the odd sheep on the cover, focuses more on the fact that it is science fiction. It is both, so maybe it will grab a different audience (among casual airport readers? I mean, who hasn’t heard of Scalzi and then read the backlist?).

  7. I’ve really enjoyed these. I don’t remember now how they fit into the timeline of when Old Man’s War was published. Care to to retell the how and when these were published?

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