Good Morning, Moon

Moon, just before sunrise.

Here was the moon just before sunrise today. Not bad.

Also, and somewhat unrelated, some of you may have heard there were tornados in my area last night. There were, but none of them hit anywhere around me. I’m fine, the house is fine, the cats are fine. We’re good. Not everyone can say the same, unfortunately, both here and across the Midwest. Keep these folks in your thoughts today, please.

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  1. A few people at our church here in Iowa had their houses damaged by a tornado last week; fortunately no injuries. My wife and I spent a rather nervous hour sitting in an interior room watching radar maps and twitter pictures of the funnel cloud while sirens were blowing: it came within about three miles of us. The previous week we watched a rather spectacular thunderstorm through our living room windows.

  2. I thought about the Scalzi compound when I read there were tornadoes in/near Dayton. Very glad to hear that everyone there is safe and undamaged. The very idea of such storms freaks this old man out and I can’t imagine what those unlucky people near you went through. Thanks for letting us know that Smudge is all good.

  3. I lived in Xenia for several years. People there still remember the tornadoes that flattened the town in 1974.

  4. Nice planetoid! Let’s go there! Oh wait, we did, didn’t we?
    But I’m pleased the cows on your Twitter feed are all firmly on the ground.

  5. Over the years there have probably been a dozen tonadoes that were within a ten mile radius of me, but i’ve never seen one in person.

    Its kinda weird.

  6. My then-fiance and I lost everything (and nearly lost him) in a tornado 39 years ago this month, shortly before our wedding. A year and a half ago, another tornado damaged our neighbor’s house and took out a bunch of trees along the street. I still take those warnings very, very seriously.

    Very glad that you and the family came through unscathed.

  7. Greg: Back in the ’90s, one of my coworkers was a stormchaser. Absolutely the safest place to be was near him, because whereever he was, there was never a tornado. Needless to say, he was a very frustrated stormchaser.

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