E-Mail Issues Today

My mail provider is telling me they’re having a major outage regarding mail services today, so if you’ve sent me email today it may be a while before I see it and/or am able to respond.

Update, 2:04pm Eastern: email is back up. If you sent me mail between about 6am and 2pm and it’s important to you that I see it, you might want to resend it.

6 Comments on “E-Mail Issues Today”

  1. So you didn’t get my email clearly explaining the secret to the meaning of life?

  2. They must’ve tried out your unsubscribe hack, and now they’re scrambling to figure out where all their crappy advertising email went!

  3. you may wish to review a search on youtube for this past week about us navy pilots and ufos…reference the basement office of reporter Stephen greenstreet (sp?) … also ref. of course to other vid leads from researchers such as Richard Dolan… and of course very important and not authorized DOD and or US Navy
    personnel discussing ufos since 2017….on shows such as CNN and Tucker Carlson on FOX news ….even though you may wish to feel yu R superior to the right wing conservatives in the USA. I am Derrufo , codename for a UFO Researcher . Cheers !

  4. that should give you plenty of distraction-free time to write up some of your thinky-thoughts on the Mueller announcement

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