New Books and ARCs, 5/31/19

As May winds down and June begins, here’s a stack of new books and ARCs to help you greet the new month. Which of these would you like to welcome June with? Share in the comments!

10 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 5/31/19”

  1. Is ‘Reentry’ a sequel to ‘Retrograde’? Haven’t read either but they sound promising.

  2. I liked Callie Bates’ first book in this trilogy, but haven’t gotten around to reading the second one yet. And I’ve recently read something on about the series by Laurie J. Marks. My interest was piqued, but there are 3 books in the series before Air Logic

  3. A good and successful series is really appealing to me. I’m into authors with a good amount of output, if it’s good, well written fiction. I’m working on the Elizabeth Bear fantasy series right now.

  4. I would be interested in Tell the Machine Goodnight, if it still available. Thank you.

  5. Our library has the first 2 of the Elemental Logic series; I’ll read them and see if I’m inclined to pursue the last 2. As @SusanB says, interest piqued and they got good buzz on Tor, but they have to be accessible.

  6. And by the way, many libraries are activating Summer Reading programs this week. Look into them, and support your local libraries — this year’s theme is ‘space’, near and dear to Our Esteemed Host’s heart.

  7. Occasionally a stack arrives with no author known to me. Well, this is one of those. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as I’ve picked up a few new authors recommended by other commenters.

  8. I so wanted to like the Hearne/Dawson collaborations but after reading the first have not been interested enough to buy any more. I really liked Greg Keyes first book and should really get some more to see if he’s still as good