Hey, Wanna See the Cover for The Last Emperox?

If you do, it’s over here at Tor.com.

As with the other covers in the series, it’s done by Sparth, and as with the other covers in the series, I kinda love it.

Also, I’m still writing it. It needs to be done soon. Sooooooooon. But I think you’ll like it.

20 Comments on “Hey, Wanna See the Cover for The Last Emperox?”

  1. Wait, wait….wait. You’re still writing it but they have the cover? Isn’t that a bit like putting the frosting on the cake while the cake is still in the oven….??

    It is a great cover!

  2. They’ve had the covers to nearly all of my books before I finished writing them. They’re on a different schedule entirely.

  3. @Chris, IIRC our host has had cover reveals of both Interdependency titles before the mss were completed. The production timelines on cover art vs. text just work out that way sometimes.

  4. Very nice. I’m re-reading the first two books and looking forward to the third.

  5. Nice cover! And I raise a glass of Coke Zero in solidarity on deadlines. I have two months to finish this book and I’m going to end up doing what you did with The Consuming Fire. I didn’t mean to do this, but the day job (and political situation) has kicked my butt over the last year, and I’m scrambling.

  6. I forgot that being ironic is not always immediately apparent online :D

  7. No pressure ;-)…but anxiously waiting for it. (I had to make that comment…my age forced me to make it!

  8. Nice. Any chance of presenting the art work sans lettering, just to get an unobstructed view of Sparth’s work? Perhaps by juxtaposing the cover with the underlying art? Or not. Your call. Obviously.

  9. An amazing cover, for a very likely (judging by my past experience reading your books) amazing book!

  10. Nice cover!

    Speaking of Coke Zero, they’re trying/threatening to bring back New Coke! I hereby nominate John Scalzi to lead the campaign to halt that regressive liquid abomination in its tracks!

  11. The art for the cover is impressive. So is the art that will go between the covers.

    I wish you a satisfying, productive time with your art, sir. And I wish you regular meals and restful sleep to sustain you through the process.

  12. Look forward to seeing what’s behind the cover. Not that the cover isn’t entertaining and enticing, just want to see how to see how the cliffhanger you left us with pans out.

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