Spice and Smudge, 6/6/19

Spice is in the foreground, looking back, while Smudge is in the distance, wandering toward the treeline.

Patrolling the yard, as they are wont to do. There is, after all, a lot of yard to patrol.

9 Comments on “Spice and Smudge, 6/6/19”

  1. Exemplary lookout discipline, too. Everyone watches their assigned sector! No rodent threat shall pass.

  2. Just curious – how are the Scalzi cats getting along now that Smudge is a cat rather than a kitten?

  3. Rick:

    She’s fine and on the Scamperbeasts Twitter feed regularly. All the cats are fine, as a matter of fact.


    Better than when he was a kitten. He’s calmed down a smidge, that Smudge.

  4. Do they stick to your yard, or do they roam the whole area?

    (We don’t know what my cat is allergic to, but we know it kicks up when she goes outside and calms down when she’s inside, so she’s a fully indoor kitty now. I tell her it’s bad form for a cat to be allergic to the world.)

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