The Scalzi Theory of Strawberries

In our front yard we have a very small garden in which we grow strawberries and oregano, and one of the things I really enjoy is for a few months out of the year being able just to step out of my house and have a fresh, tart strawberry whenever I want. The strawberries we grow tend to be small but pack a punch with flavor, enough so that it leads me to what I call the Scalzi Theory of Strawberries, which is:

All strawberries have the same amount of flavor, distributed across their overall volume.

So the very small strawberries I get from my yard and the monstrous fist-sized strawberries you buy at the store have the same overall amount of flavor, it’s just that in the small version it’s concentrated, and in the polyploidal version it’s diluted. That being the case, the small, potent strawberry is usually the way to go (at least, I think so).

I suspect that holds for other types of fruit as well, but it’s especially noticeable with strawberries.

So: In your experience, does my Theory of Strawberries hold up?

Two Somewhat Contrasting Views of Athena

Athena in black and white, looking very serious.

Athena with a bit of a sardonic grin on her face.

Looking very serious, and then less so. Either way, she’s pretty great. It’s nice to have her home for the summer.