Two Somewhat Contrasting Views of Athena

Looking very serious, and then less so. Either way, she’s pretty great. It’s nice to have her home for the summer.

8 Comments on “Two Somewhat Contrasting Views of Athena”

  1. Nothing better is to have your child come back from college to spend summer with you. Enjoy it!

    It’s right up there, no question. Alas, all mine [1] did this week was deliver a granddaughter. Gonna have to wait a while for college.

    Meanwhile, a time for everything and you don’t get do-overs so, John, don’t lose your excellent priorities. FWIW, there’s a lot to be said for spending a day cruising the French Quarter with said daughter when that comes its turn.

    [1] Pretty much done with college, too, except when she’s teaching.

  2. What John Tilden said. I too enjoyed her contributions and perspective last summer, hope she applied early ;-)

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