Love Death + Robots Renewed for Season Two

And Oscar-nominated animation director Jennifer Yuh Nelson is coming on board as Supervising Director. All the details (that has been announced anyway) are in this Hollywood Reporter article.

Before you ask, I don’t have any other information that I can share about anything, so any question you ask beyond what’s in the article linked to above, I can’t answer, mostly because I don’t know. What I can say is well-expressed in the following gif:

(for those who can’t see the gif, it’s K-VRC from “Three Robots” saying, “Oh, man, this is so exciting!”)

Congratulations to everyone who worked on LD+R season one, and to everyone who might get to work on LD+R season two. This is nifty.

12 Comments on “Love Death + Robots Renewed for Season Two”

  1. Congrats! More TV time means…I hope, more $ for assorted churros and for more trips to Europe. Not in that order! Again, congrats. You (and we) deserve it.

  2. I really did enjoy the silliness of The Day the Yogurt Took Over, so i’m looking forward to any stories that might make it to the second season.

  3. Is Ghost Brigades still in the pipeline at Netflix? Seems like it’s been a while since it was optioned.

  4. Well how did I not know about this series? Binge watching has begun; I’ll be done by this time tomorrow. Any other non-written Scalzi material I should check out? I really want to see Redshirts, Old Man’s War universe, or any other work on the big or small screen! (Is there some blog or newsletter I could sign up for to find out such things?)

  5. About half the episodes were straight up bug hunts or some variation of “violence happens”. I do hope they can get more of the thought provoking stories and fewer of the bug hunt stories.
    The yogurt story was outside the box, aanndd it was funny. Zima blue went in a completely unexpected direction for me. And not a single murder in either of them. Ice Age was completely off on left field, which is what i love about SF.
    If i want a bug hunt, I’ll watch “Aliens”.

  6. I’m glad to hear it. I thought the first season was all over the board, personally. The episodes based on John’s work were uniformly fun and excellent. But some of them were hard to watch with my wife, due to their male-gazey nature. The first story seemed to wallow in some of it’s gratuitous elements and the third story (‘The Witness’), while visually interesting, also seemed like they were trying to channel Milo Mannara, which OK, fine, but I wasn’t really looking for that here and it really pulled me out of the moment and made my wife not want to see anything much after that. Which is unfortunate, as I think there are a lot of good episodes here; but a little restraint would do wonders.

  7. Greg says:
    If i want a bug hunt, I’ll watch “Aliens”.

    …or Starship troopers. Frankly, it was only the non-bug hunt stories in the show that I enjoyed.

  8. Slightly different question. Are there any more of your short stories you’d particularly like to see them adapt?